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Achieving health at any stage

As a certified Dietitian Nutrition Coach in Florida, Jen Graham, former Marine and mother of three, knows that nutrition plays an important role in the whole health of an individual person, from birth on.


The Full Story

Jen Graham, experienced Registered Dietitian and founder of Family Circle Nutrition, is a professional Nutrition Coach, passionate about health, nutrition, and holistic wellness throughout the lifecycle. Throughout the past two years, her business has grown but the focus has always remained consistent; Family Circle Nutrition is here to help people lose or gain weight, feel their best, and improve overall well-being through customized nutrition plans and coaching. Please get in touch to learn more about nutritional services and packages available.

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I can't say enough good things about Jen at Family Circle Nutrition. With her help, in just three months of coaching, I was able to lose 30+ pounds that I'd packed on over the last several years. Not only that, I was able to do it without driving myself crazy on a fad diet, and she has equipped me with the tools/knowledge to keep it off and live a healthier life. She has the skills to drill down what habits are holding you back, and work with you to develop healthy, sustainable eating habits that will keep you on track for the long haul. On top of her deep knowledge and understanding of nutrition, she's also very personable - I'm proud to call her a friend. Again, I cannot recommend Family Circle enough. Give her a try - you won't be disappointed!

-Nick, Virginia

A New Perspective

What if you were told that you hold the power to change your life through nutrition? Would you believe it? Would you take your life by the reigns and try or would you continue down the same path that has led you to feel tired and sick? What if someone told you that you didn't have to do it alone? Allow Family Circle Nutrition work to guide you to the right path to being the best version of yourself.

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